A naturally inspired journey

REVE ORGANIKA, the revered initiative from fashion evangelist and designer, Jigna Shah has a unique story to tell.
It all began with a question, “What skin care products do you use”. This simple question spiraled into a thought process about skin care and beauty. The moment of revelation was, “Beauty is but Skin Deep, but the feeling of beautiful touches your soul”.
The question was what is truly beautiful. The answer was nature.
Nature is the most abundant repository of one’s well-being. Nature inspires products, technology and well-being. The inspiration from nature turned into a mission of “Beauty that touches your Soul”

About Us

REVE ORGANIKA is a brand inspired by Nature. Our essential oils based products ensure that the natural skin care mechanism protects the skin in the most gentle and subtle manner possible. The range of Essential oils based Bath Soaps, Bath Salts, Floral Waters is gentle and refreshing. REVE ORGANIKA products keeps the skin healthy, naturally healed and the senses rejuvenated through it's essential oil.

Purity in its Purest Form

When we say pure, we mean pure. Essential oils are produced from the actual plant or flower without any dilution of artificially added fragrances and colours. So, with REVE ORGANIKA products you can be assured of getting the purest form of essential oils based procuts available in its original natural abundance.
With REVE ORGANIKA expect purity in its finest form and products that speak of the highest standards of healthy living.
We don’t say that our competitors dilute their products, we just say that we don't.